"If you think you’ve had a tough life, read this book and then count your blessings!. "Mi Vida Loca" by Johnny Tapia and Bettina Gilois, is a tough book to put down, once you start reading. Johnny takes us with him on his tortured journey though his childhood, his young manhood and his boxing career." BOXING-RING 

"Tapia along with Bettina Gilois wrote the book to read like an intense fictional novel that will have you reading until it's finished. The book is awesome. I picked it up and finished it in one day. I just couldn't stop." BOXING SCENE

"Amazingly though, Tapia’s voice shines through in the book, and as each harrowing chapter of his life is recounted, at the end of each tale there’s optimism, no matter how small, that things could get better, even in the darkest times. You could almost hear Tapia’s sing-songy voice reciting the prose - which will never be confused with AJ Liebling or Hugh McIlvanney, but which also keeps you turning each page to see what will happen next, even if you already know the answer."  CYBER BOXING ZONE

"Mi Vida Loca: The Crazy Life Of Johnny Tapia" by Johnny Tapia and Bettina Gilois

"Billion Dollar Painter: The Triumph  and Tragedy of Thomas Kinkade,  Painter of Light"

"If his factory approach to art seems Warholian, it did not go unnoticed by Kinkade, who cited Warhol as a major influence. He went so far as to compare his flaming cottages (as Joan Didion described them) to Warhol’s Brillo boxes and soup cans." ARTILLERY MAGAZINE

"His story begins in a single-wide trailer, where he and two siblings were raised by their mother only. A recurring motif in tales of this period involved watching to see if mom had any groceries with her when she returned home from her jobs. He lived the rest of his life in fear of losing everything."


Billion Dollar Painter is a cautionary tale told well, with a fine balance of sympathy and objectivity. ARTILLERY MAGAZINE

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